Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mills & Boon searches for Indian writers

MILLS & Boon, one of the world’s leading publishers of women’s fiction, has announced its Passions short story writing contest exclusive to India to discover the world’s next big romance author.

Launching today, Mills & Boon Passions is the first of its kind short story writing contest for aspiring authors across India. The publisher of bestselling international authors such as Debbie Macomber, Nora Roberts and Penny Jordan, Mills & Boon hopes to reach out to the rich Indian literary talent and provide them with a global platform.

The winning submission will be published by Mills & Boon and its author will receive a year-long consultation from the Mills & Boon editorial staff as well as a free laptop computer and diamond jewellery.

Two runners up will also be selected and will each receive constructive critiques of their submission and an editorial consultation. In addition all three finalists will also receive a free year-long subscription to their favourite M&B series. The winner will be announced February 4, 2009.

Submissions will be accepted on-line only. All entries should be e-mailed to

The short stories may be set anywhere—Rome, Paris, Mumbai, London or any other romantic location—but should have the capacity to capture the hearts and minds of readers across the world. All entries, however, must have an Indian element to the story either through the location, character or other devices.

Opening paragraphs must immediately grip the reader’s attention with its pace, passion and intensity, compelling the reader to continue turning the pages. As with all Mills & Boon novels, all submissions should have a happy ending.

Rules and regulations for the Mills & Boon Passions short story writing contest are available at

Entrants must be aged 18 years and over. Submissions should be Microsoft Word documents.

The short stories must be typed, double spaced, a maximum of 2,000 words and suitable for the Mills & Boon Modern series.

All submissions must be in English and be received no later than 11:00am IST, January 21st 2009.

Story concepts must be original and must not have won a previous prizes or awards nor have been previously submitted, reproduced or published. Only one entry per person will be accepted. Submissions should include the author’s name, address, e-mail and phone number.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Little India


Little India is seeking full time, part time and freelance writers to write articles and features on overseas Indians worldwide and stories of interest to this community. Reporters with extensive publishing experience interested in full/part time opportunities should send their resumes to jobs@littleindia.

During the past three years, Little India writers have won nine Ippie Awards from the Independent Press Association of New York and three New American Media Awards. The magazine has also been nominated for the Utne-IPA Award and for the GLAAD Media Award in the magazine article category with such publications as the New York Times Magazine, ESPN Magazine, Teen People and The Nation.
june2006.jpg (11280 bytes)
The focus of the print publication is on the Indian immigrant experience in North America. We consider feature articles, columns, commentaries and essays. Our feature articles are hard on information: interviews with key sources, relevant statistics, anecdotal evidence. Our columns, commentaries and essays are written from a distinctive point of view and we encourage hard analysis as well as strong, even controversial and provocative personal viewpoints in opinion writing.

We publish several freelance articles in every print issue, which is printed in nine editions with a combined circulation of over 142,000.

Articles from India should have a strong overseas Indian hook. We encourage potential contributors to review recent issues of the magazine or our website for examples of subject matter and style.

Features and essays typically range from 1,000 to 3,500 words. Columns and commentaries run around 1,500 words.

The compensation for articles depends on treatment and length, but normally ranges between $50 to $700 for articles that are published in the print edition. Typically, we pay from 6-15 cents a word. We consider only unpublished materials. Simultaneous submissions are not acceptable. We acquire exclusive worldwide rights in all media to the articles we publish. A submission implies acceptance by writers of these terms.

We expect our writers to procure appropriate photographs for their articles and chances of acceptance are enhanced if such photographs are available. We cover writers' costs for acquiring photographs and we pay professional photographers for their work.

All articles should be neatly typed; we cannot accept handwritten contributions. Articles may be submitted in electronic format via e-mail to Please do not submit photographs/illustrations with your contribution, although you are encouraged to include a note indicating the availability of such materials. The editors will request these visuals as necessary.

We report in two weeks. Please include your telephone number or email with your submission. Acceptances are usually notified by telephone or by email.

We regret that because of the large volume of contributions, we are unable to acknowledge or return articles submitted to us and writers are advised to retain all originals. If you do not hear from us in two weeks, you can assume that your article is no longer under consideration.

Editors/Articles for Website
Little India is seeking full time/part time writers for its website. These are paid positions. Interested writers should email:

In addition, Little India also accepts contributions for its website. While articles that are published in the magazine also appear on the Website, not all articles accepted for the Web run in the print magazine. For the Website, we are interested in news, columns and features on NRIs, overseas Indians in all parts of the world, Bollywood, entertainment, travelogues, sports, etc.
We usually do not pay for articles that are published solely on our Website (although we pay for articles published in the print magazine, which are also published on the Website, see above). However, we occasionally pay for exceptional articles that appear on the Website, which will be communicated to the author before the article is run. In the absence of a specific communication form the editors indicating a payment amount, authors of Web only articles will not be compensated. We also invite editors/moderators for new content sections on our Website, such as Sports, Bollywood, Travel, etc.

Send your submissions to

Little India
50 Washington Street Suite 314
Norwalk CT 06854
Tel: 212-560-0608
Fax: 212-560-0609

Now I happen to think this is an amazing place to work if you are some sort of expert. And your expertise could be on anything from cars to poetry. You need good writing skills and some knowledge of html.

Become a guide for

The basis of Guide compensation is year-over-year page view growth. If your page views grow you will never make less than $725 per month and it's likely you'll make much more than that over time (in some cases we have Guides who earn in excess of $100,000 per year).

How Much Content Does a Guide Need to Create?

At a minimum, About Guides must publish a full-length article every 14 days and update their blog three times per week. However, the potential for the GuideSite is really up to you. The more high-quality, relevant content you produce, the more you can earn.

A Special Guarantee for New Guides (less than a year):

New Guides - Guides in the first year of their contract - are guaranteed to make at least $725 per month, and it's likely that they will make much more than that over time.

Keep track of this page to see if the topics match any of your special interests.

Review for Jam Mag

Freelance review writers

Job Type: Part Time/Freelance

Brief description: None required

Job profile: JAM is looking for 2 writers in Delhi who can:
a) Review new restaurants
b) Review the latest clubs
c) Review fashion shows

No experience necessary but when you apply please:
a) Write a sample review (250 words) of the last restaurant/ club you went to
b) Mention 3 restaurants/ clubs which have opened in the last 3 months which we should be reviewing
c) Those applying for fashion show coverage should mention whether they have any connection with the fashion industry.

The above positions are freelance/ part time for now, but could develop into full time positions in time.

Candidate details: Someone who enjoys food, fashion or nightlife (whichever subject he or she chooses to write on. And has good English language skills

Qualification: B.A

City: Delhi

Expected duration: 3 months

Remuneration: per article basis + expenses

This came via the lovely Jobokplease . It's full of assignments for freelance writers.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Write for Tehelka's web edition

You may want to get your byline on the print edition. But, it might serve you well to know that a lot of TEHELKA readers read it online, especially readers abroad.

In Tehelka's website , the Web Exclusives section is meant for pieces that do not go on the magazine. Tehelka has about three of these every week, the menu for which is given in contents in the week’s print edition.

The payment is usually Rs 1.50 a word and the recommended length would fall in the region of 800-1200. With features or interviews, this is really the ideal way to catch the eye of the editors here and get a foothold in the system.

Mail your pieces to

As usual we suggest that you mail short briefs, your story ideas first and get an okay from the editors before embarking on your piece. Read more about freelancing for Tehelka here.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Infochange India

Infochangeindia welcomes articles/papers/essays/interviews/reviews and stories of change. All contributions should be related to social justice and sustainable development in India and South Asia, since those are the areas of focus.

You can either paste your contribution into the a form online or mail it as an attachment. You could also submit a detailed brief on the proposed article/s you would like to contribute to this site.

Payment practice
To be negotiated with each submission

Be a Writer@NGOPost

Are you tired with the current state of media reporting? Do you want to share stories about social change on a global platform?

NGOpost is a web based community for sharing news and ideas about various social welfare initiatives. In loose terms you can refer to it as "orkut" for people who are interested in making a difference.

NGOpost is actively seeking writers, who are keen on creating something which would have far reaching benefits.

Some simple questions answered.

Do I need to have writing experience?
Not necessary. As long as you know English and can form meaningful sentences it should fine.

What do I have to write on?

Write about the social change you see happening around you. Or write about the change that is needed. It could be interviewing someone who is silently doing great work, and whose work would be an inspiration for others, or it could be an organization doing great job in its respective field. There could also be generic articles like Open education tools available for schools or benefits of organ donation. Otherwise we have list of unending topics which we want people to write on, you can choose from them.

What is the benefit for me in writing for NGOPost?

  • NGOpost has readership in 150 countries around the world and it has been increasing. Your article will reach hundreds of people every day!
  • Each month we send out our newsletter, which goes to about ~5k people. Your name will featured there along with the link to your profile. Personally if you are a blogger, that would give your blog a lot of visibility.
  • More than all this it is the satisfaction of writing about something, which would be of use to hundreds of people. We keep getting feedback how reading some articles on NGOpost helped them solve their own problems and helped them connect with relevant people.
  • Going ahead we are working on the partnership with print magazines/newspaper s wherein selected articles from NGOpost will get published there. Hence there is a possibility that your article might go in print :).
Contact information
So Join the band wagon of people who are keen to make a positive difference. If you are interested or have further queries write to us at parul@ngopost. org or goli@ngopost. org

Payment Practice